What We Believe

Christ Lutheran Church is a confessional Lutheran church and member of Lutheran Church-Canada. Our confessions and practices are based on the foundation of God’s Word the Bible, and the belief that God’s gift of salvation is found only through faith in Jesus Christ, God’s only Son.

While God’s glory is revealed through nature, it is through the Holy Bible that God reveals His forgiveness and love to all people in the life and work of Jesus Christ. The Holy Bible was written by men as they were directed and inspired by the Holy Spirit, and so is true and without error.

There is only one true God. He has revealed Himself in three persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

God the Father is Creator of the universe and all that is therein, with all its grandeur and beauty, and He alone sustains it with His mighty power. The crown of His creation was Adam and Eve, man and woman, whom He made in His own image that they might live in fellowship with Him and care for all of His creation.

The Fall into sin. Adam and Eve doubted and rebelled against God and their once perfect natures became corrupted by their rebellion. Now every human being has inherited that condition and is born with a self-centered (sinful) nature and a tendency for evil that violates God’s will and desire for them. All attempts to change the evil nature or to please God with our own good is doomed to failure because God demands perfection. Through our good works we are not perfect nor ever will be. Therefore all of us need forgiveness and a new life which comes only from God through Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is God the Son, was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary. In His perfect life on earth Jesus did what no one else could do. Through His suffering and final death on the cross, He took upon Himself the punishment for sin that was due to all people. Jesus defeated death by rising from the dead three days after He was crucified.  Jesus’ resurrection was accomplished by the power of God the Father and demonstrated to the world that God the Father accepted His Son’s sacrifice on the cross as the complete payment for man’s sin.

God the Holy Spirit gives us a new relationship with Jesus. By giving us faith in who Jesus is (both fully God and fully man) and what Jesus did and continues to do, the Holy Spirit provides confidence in Jesus’ great work on our behalf. Through the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we are enlightened of His will for us and we are kept holy and willing to serve Him with our talents and gifts.

The Church is the fellowship of all who have come to faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. God has given His Church two great gifts to create and nourish her spiritual growth: Holy Baptism, to create faith in Christ and bring us into the family of God, and The Lord’s Supper, to remind us of Christ’s work for us and strengthen us for our daily walk through life. In His supper, our Lord Jesus gives us His true body and blood, in and with the bread and wine for the forgiveness of our sins.

Christians are called by God to live for Jesus, seeking to serve and honor Him with body, soul and mind. Life cannot be divided into compartments where Jesus is not present, for He is the author and Lord of every part of our life. To know Jesus is the only way to know what life in fellowship with God is all about, and serving Him is life’s greatest joy.

It is God’s eternal plan for members of His church to share the good news of Jesus with all people. It is the desire of God that each person, rescued from the depravity of their sin through faith in the death and resurrection of Christ, passionately assume the responsibility of sharing the Gospel with the people of St. Catharines and the world.

The Sanctity of Life is an important issue to consider. God has created life and He alone has the responsibility for concluding it. The intentional ending of life through abortion (ending the life of an unborn child at any stage of pregnancy) and euthanasia is contrary to God’s plan and is forbidden in His Holy Word.

Death comes to all people at different ages of life. While Christians might fear the process of dying, God’s promises them that He will never leave them and on the Last Day He will raise their bodies from the dead, and change and glorify them. Then they will live forever in His presence worshipping Him.

Our church’s official statement of faith can be found in the Book of Concord (1580) published by Concordia Publishing House The Book of Concord includes among other documents, the Apostles’ Creed, the Nicene Creed, Luther’s Small Catechism and the Augsburg Confession.