Bulletin Board

PARKING LOT RECONSTRUCTION:  The entire parking lot and driveways for Luther Manor and Christ Lutheran Church are being repaved the week of August 21-25 The old asphalt will be removed Tuesday and Wednesday and the new surface will be placed on Thursday and Friday.  The lot will be available by Saturday.  During construction access will be very limited so try to park in the City lot on Catherine St. or on the other streets around the church.  After paving the lines will be repainted and the lot will become ONE WAY ONLY.  Entrance will be on the west driveway and exit will be on the east driveway.  Arrows will be painted on the asphalt and signs will be posted by the Russell Ave. sidewalks.  Thank you for your patience.

CHURCH ORGANIST:  Christ LUtheran is currently seeking a music director able to play both an electronic grand piano and a pipe organ for our services.  If you are interested in this position, please email your resume to business.manager@christlutheransc.ca

www.facebook.com/ChristLutheranChurchSC :    We have over 100 followers on Facebook!  If you have not yet “Liked” our Facebook page, please consider doing so.  Many of our members continue to share our communit events with friends on their Facebook walls  This has been a great help in spreading the word about what is happening at Christ Lutheran.  Committee Chairs – if there are any upcoming events for the fall/winter please email Lisa Gall (lisa_thiessen@yahoo.ca) subject line:  Christ Lutheran Facebook.

Lutheran Student Fellowship: All University, College  and Young Adults are invited to come to CLTS Student Lounge, 470 Glenridge Ave. (on Brock University Campus, NE corner)  for weekly bible study, prayer  and social activites.  Mondays at 7:00 pm.